Thursday, 13 September 2012

Bento#06~Hello Kitty Pumpkin Costume

I know "Happy Halloween Day" still one month to go but when I've the time, will like to spent some time to create my kids bento ^_^ To make the marbleized effect,  I boiled the purple sweet potato & has the purple liquid after cooked so I make used the liquid to soaked the hard-boiled egg overnight at fridge. When I took out was hoping to see pretty purple colours....but end up was blue!!! Perhaps I didn't cracked well?? Hmm...well, that's how I got :P Next, as usual freehand cut the bats shape from nori/seaweed as well the "BOO". Hello Kitty face was cheese, using kitty cookies mould to cut then add the face features. Cooked carrots for the pumpkin and the green was bean for the shoes. Lastly, add in some sandwich to filled up the holes :D And decorated with Hello Kitty Face chocolate pop that can easily purchased from shops.

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