Saturday, 7 November 2015

Minions Tamagoyaki Food Art

It's Saturday and why I'm here updating my blog??? Well, nothing special just happen to have the mood to create food art after I cooked the tamagoyaki for today's lunch at home ^_^ Am I addicted or perhaps most of my bento friends will have the same thought :D Whenever we cooked or even see outside foods felt like create into characters. Lol! 

Well, I don't cook every weekend since I've cooked dinner for weekdays! I told my hubby kitchen is closed every weekend but once awhile will tired of outside foods so I just cooked simple dishes. 

Yesterday I shared Minion Noodles so today I make Minion Tamagoyaki ^_^ Cook simple rice by adding all ingredients (stir-fried garlic with taiwanese sausages/carrots/chikuwa) into the rice cooker. Seasoning with dark sweet sauce, soy sauce & mirin and stir well. Then let it cook! So simple and taste much nicer than fried rice ^_^ 

While waiting for the rice cooker is cooked, I prepare tamagoyaki and start freehand scissor cut out the nori details. 
A closer look of the Minions Tamagoyaki ^_^ 
That's my daughter hand holding the chopstick while I take a few shots! 

I hope you like today's sharing post and thank you for the visit! Have a blessed weekend too! 


  1. So cute!! Love their expressions and all the photos too. Happy weekend!

  2. Aww....thank you so much dear Ming ❤️ I love your photos too and today I managed to took photos from natural sunlight rather than indoor lighting :D Happy Weekend!

  3. Your tamago Minions are so cute!

  4. 真可爱!!“O"嘴那个你跑不了,我要把你吃掉!哈哈


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