Friday, 6 November 2015

Bento2015#Nov06~Minions Noodles Bento

This is my first attempt making noodles foodart for bento also my to-do lists after saw many noodles/somen foodart done by my talented friends like BentoMonsters +Ming Bentomonsters , Bentodays +Jean Yap and LittleMissBento +Shirley Wong ^_^
Here's the close up Minions noodles. I use egg noodles, after boiled it, drain away the water and I add seasoning (minced meat sauce from the minced meat). Arrange the noodles into three minions and add on cucumber details. Milk cabbage for the outlines and tamagoyaki to fill up the holes along the side.
I like this Nude Food Movers lunch box because I can separate the dishes. Above the photo you can see there is another pink stand is to put on top of the minions noodles to secure them. I should snap it for packing but my older posts might have by click HERE ^_^
One container add the grapes and the other one is minced meat.

I hope you like today's Minions Noodles Bento. 

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