Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Bento2015#Nov17~Gudetama Pasta

Finally open ceremony this Alphabet Pasta that I received from my lovely bento friend Berlinda @mamaberl_ IG during 31st Oct 2015 Bento Meet Up in Singapore ^_^ Many thanks to lovely Meghan @healthelicious IG for organized this great gathering hang out together with other pretty and talented bento friends (IG: @maysatch @littlemissbento @5ambento @antsbento @hui3tan) I'm sure this bento group meet up will be bigger next round :D Looking forward to Ming @bentomonster & Jean @bentodays_  ^_^

Back to today's sharing post. I make "Gudetama" from hard boiled egg and mashed the yolks (add some mayonaisse) then shape it.
A closer look of the Gudetama ugly side =_=" Little dry after mashed the yolk and shape it using cling wrap. Looks like my Gudetama needs to apply body lotion :D Lol!
Underneath Gudetama is the alphabet pasta and I separate the tomato pasta sauce at other container.

I hope you will like this Gudetama "butt" view bento ^_^

Thank you so much for all the first meet up gifts ^_^

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