Monday, 16 November 2015

Bento2015#Nov16~Green Angry Bird

Continue my Angry Bird Theme bento and this round I make "Green Angry Bird". Too bad my green AB not that green in colour because I use mashed cooked edamame. May be I didn't add a lot of edamame so end up lighter green AB =_=" 

Anyway, I am still happy with my female AB creations. Do you like it? 

Here's the close up Green Female Angry Bird ^_^ Shape the mix edamame rice with white rice and I add some chicken floss fillings. Carrots for the beak and nori details for eyes/feather.

This is the male AB :D 

Underneath the Angry Birds have pea sprouts, prawns, cheese fish rolls and Korean grapes.

Yay just few more Angry Bird colour themes to make for my next round! Gambateh!  

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