Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Pixar Inside Out Disgust Foodart

Continue making Pixar "Inside Out" emotion ^_^ This round I made my daughter's favourite among five of them "Disgust". She told me she likes her pretty and super long eyelashes :D This foodart was made for last night dinner and hopefully tonight I can make next character (*finger cross) Honestly speaking, I don't quite happy with "Disgust" eyes I made =_=" 

Here's the close up "Disgust" in green. I mixed rice with green furikake for face/body. Green pepper/capsicum so hair and eyes. I added nori for extra touched because I find it too plain and the eyes didn't stand out but still not pretty :( Perhaps I should use nori for the eyes instead of capsicum. Apple skin for red lips.
Side dishes have dark sweet sauce ginger drummets and stir-fried spinach ^_^

Hope you like my "Disgust" dinner foodart. So what's next I should make? Hmm.....

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