Monday, 17 August 2015

Pixar Inside Out Anger Foodart

My kids can't wait to watch Pixar "Inside Out" movie and I had purchased the tickets!  One week to go before the school reopen so I will bring them and enjoy the morning movie on this coming Thursday ^_^ 

Among the five expressions or characters, my girl prefers "disgust"but she asked me why don't I made? I told her one at a time and hopefully can make the rest *finger cross* :D 

My "ANGER" close up kyaraben ^_^ To made red rice, I mixed with red furikake + ketchup, white rice for body and nori for details. 

Spring rolls, veggies and miso bean curd soup for side dishes. 

I edited with extra fire on top for ANGER by using photo editor. I hope you will like it!


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