Monday, 10 August 2015

Hello Kitty Claypot Dinner

Open ceremony my new collection "Hello Kitty Claypot" that I purchased online quite some times ago but now only have time to use it ^_^ This pictures was taken last week Friday but been busy to update it. So here is my simple uncooked dishes photo and this claypot about capacity of 1600ml and just nice for my family :) 

I love the claypot lid! So pretty but if have a mini version would be perfect :D If you happen to know do email or comments below so that I can go search for it ^_^ Thank you in advance!

Here's the after cooked soup and I just add a bowl of cute Hello Kitty rice for photo takings ^_^ Of course I can't finished the whole soup alone. Quickly took few shots and nom nom our  yummy dinner!

To shape the Hello Kitty just simply used cling wrap and add the nori details! The nose made of egg sheet and red bow made of crabstick (red part).  
I hope you will like today's sharing ^_^ Have a lovely day!


  1. Love this Hello Kitty set! Super cute and looks so yummy!


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