Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Bento2015#Mar25~Rilakkuma & Kiiroitori Bento

Simple lunch bento for today that I just decorate my meat patties into Rilakkuma ^_^ I skip Korilakkuma due to the light colour because my patties are too dark for it. At least I have time to make Kiiroitori make from tamagoyaki :p And can you spot the missing part?
Here is the close up photo. I'm sure you can notice my mistake =_=" Is my Kiiroitori!!! I miss out two small dots at the carrot nose! Argh.... Well, by looking at the photo now, it seem that my Rilakkuma don't look like. Am I asking too much on perfection? Lol!

I don't follow any recipe for my meat patties. Just marinate minced meat with cornflour, soy sauce, fine garlic/onion, spring onion and dash of pepper. Before I pan-fried it (I prefer pan-fried instead of deep fried), roll the meat patties into the shape that you prefer then dip with egg and bread crumbs. Cook until golden brown.

To decorate into Rilakkuma, I cut out cheese for the nose, nori for details and button mushroom for ears.

For side dishes just pea sprouts, carrots, grapes and mandarin oranges. I hope you like this simple bento. Happy Wednesday!


  1. I definitely can tell it is Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori! Didn't spot the missing dots until you mentioned, these sure look adorable and yummy!

  2. Love rilakkuma. Did not noticed the missing dots too until you mentioned.


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