Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Bento2015#Mar17~Saint Patrick's Day

Today is Saint Patrick's Day ^_^ Although I don't celebrate this feast day but I tried to join in the fun of making bento each year. Click HERE for my last year St. Patrick's Hello Kitty post. Well, this year I try to make it as simple as possible since is Tuesday less food for my kids. I make use of the cookie cutter for decorate as clover and I can't find three-leaved shamrock cutter. But there are images shown at Google with four-leaved for this feast ^_^ So I guess still can be use right? 
Here is the close up look of my clover. I stir-fried some organic spinach ramen and decorate the shamrock on top after filled up the ramen. 
Side dishes have sausages, broccoli, grapes and Korean strawberry.
Happy Saint Patrick's Day for those who are celebrating this feast day! Hope you like my today's bento.


  1. Love your very creative use of the cookie cutter!


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