Monday, 16 March 2015

Bento2015#Mar16~BonbonRibbon Bento

I bought Bonbonribbon rice mould set during my Japan trip and silly me didn't know about it after looking for bento box yesterday =_=" Because my previous Bonbonribbon was done by hand shaping instead of rice mould. Well, this is my 2nd attempt and so much easier using the ready rice mould to shape out :) 
As usual, to make pink rice just add some sakura denbu and mix with cooked rice. Make sure you wet the rice mould before shaping it. Remove it and add in the nori details. This round instead of crabstick or kamaboko, I use cheese and eggsheet for yellow touch. 
For side dishes have sweet corn, milk cabbage, breaded chicken chop (cut into few slices), grapes, Korean strawberries and oranges.

I hope you like today's sharing and have a lovely Monday!

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