Thursday, 5 March 2015

Bento2015#Mar05~Moomin Bento

This is my first attempt of making Moomin Characters ^_^ I know my daughter will prefer female Moomin or girlfriend? So I google search the images and make one for her lunch. Instead of Mama Moomin I make Snorkmaiden instead ^_^ Is Moomin's fair lady friend. Part of it, I want to match my newly bought Moomin fork during my Japan trip :) Will try to make "Little My" too! One of my to-do lists! Finger-cross*
Here is the close up Snorkmaiden, Moomin's fair lady friend and I miss putting her golden hair after I add the red bibbon =_=" Suppose to add in after the pick but I continue adding the ketchup for cheeks and necklace. Oh well, at least I didn't miss her eyelashes! Hahaha...
Snorkmaiden make of chicken ham and nori for details.
As for the rice is not fried rice. I just mix the rice with furikake for flavour.
For side dishes have fishballs, pea sprouts, grapes and Korean strawberry.

Hope you like today's post and have a happy Thursday!

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