Saturday, 7 March 2015

Bear Buns recipe from Hippomum

I hardly have the mood to bake bread =_=" But today while go through Hippomum's recipe book I saw this simple bread recipes so I decided to give a try :) Luckily I have all the ingredients at home so start kneading..... haha.... I didn't know that to make a dough need so much time :p  So many steps to go until I stressed out of my dough will fail or didn't rise double of the size!  The recipe comes with step by step (in Chinese words) pictures so is easy to follow :)

Well,  at least I've tried and perhaps will wait for another good mood to do the 2nd attempt. Lol!
If you have Hippomum's 2nd recipe book can easily spot the page of a bear burger. So here is my simple Bear Bun, just to make it pretty due to my bread not as smooth as Hippomum ^_^ 

Simple add cheese/nori/sausage/ketchup for the bear details. As for the pink bow is actually Hello Kitty soft candy.
To view the 2nd recipe by Hippomum just click HERE to visit her blog. I hope you will like today's sharing. Happy Weekend!


  1. So adorable! Is Hippomum's book available in Singapore bookstores?

    1. Thank you so much Cherie! I'm not from Singapore but you may check out Kinokuniya or other bookstore using this ISBN: 9789866210228 to see have available stocks. I hv checked Kinokuniya SG website seem to have stocks!


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