Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Hello Kitty Winter Food Art

Happy New Year 2015! My kids school reopen next week but I will continue my bento break for another two weeks ^_^ Kids will take school set meals while I'm away :D I don't have to worried and can enjoy my vacation to Japan with my mother. Yappie that I can escape and enjoy the cold weather. 

Today, I'm at home with my kids and prepare simple lunch. Just want to share with my readers that my blog will update after my two weeks trips. Hopefully, I will see your visit again ^_^ So what's for lunch? It's Hello Kitty for sure :D Dress up Hello Kitty wears headgear and enjoys the cold weather. 

To make pink rice, I mixed with sakura denbu. All shaped done by using cling wrap. Freehand scissor cut out nori for eyes and silly me that I forgot to add Kitty-chan whiskers =_=" 
For side dishes, I cooked chicken fillet breadcrumb, broccoli with shimeji mushroom.


  1. What a cute Hello Kitty! Have a wonderful trip to Japan, Karen!

  2. Cute and yummy food art!
    Happy new year and enjoy you trip!


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