Monday, 26 January 2015

Bento2015#Jan26~Sleepy Hello Kitty

I'm back and kitchen is open when my kids told me they prefer my home cooked bento rather than school set meals ^_^ I thought they might tell me to stop prepare them bento after my return :D Well, been resting and enjoying my holidays so today still feeling sleepy Zz...zz...zz....making Hello Kitty kyaraben with cozy blanket inspired by talented Little Miss Bento eggsheet.  

Here's the close up Hello Kitty ^_^ I arrange the pea sprouts then put Hello Kitty rice on top. This time instead of freehand scissor cut out the nori, I use cutter to cut out boiled seaweed/kombu. To let it stick onto the rice/egg, I add some mayonnaise. As for Hello Kitty blanket, separate the egg white and egg yolk. Make the egg yolk sheet first then I use Hello Kitty cookie cutter to cut out the shape and also cut out some star shapes. Filled up the holes by using syringe to pump out the egg whites. By using the syringe, I find it easier to filled up as well avoid spill out. Let it cook with low heat ^_^ 

For side dishes have chicken drumette with button mushrooms. Sauce at the sauce container and I cut out apple leaf design. To view the tutorial for the apple leaf can click HERE.
I hope you will like today's bento lunch. Have a nice day ahead to all of you and thank you for visiting my blog.


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