Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Bento2014#Oct15✮✮Line Brown Wizard✮✮

My 3rd Halloween creation: Line Brown Wizard ✮ or more to magician??? Haha... shouldn't add the bunny pick =_=" I saw one hand empty so thought of adding the bunny pick :p Overall still look cute right? Second thought should have make Harry Potter instead ^_^ Okay, Harry Potter will be my to-do lists! I loved Samantha Lee amazing Harry Potter creation, have you seen it? 
Here's the closer look of Line Brown Wizard ^_^ Brown made from mashed potato mix some dark sweet sauce for brown touch. Wizard outfit made from cheese, nori and eggsheet for star (I use star cutter) Bottom is rice and sprinkle on top with furikake.

For side dishes, I add broccoli, gyoza and prawn. 

I hope you like this simple bento. Thank you for reading and have a nice day! monbento bentos & accessories


  1. Where are the heart picks from? So cureee

    1. Thank you so much rantsarus ^_^ If not mistaken I bought from 100yen shops or you can try Daiso :)


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