Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Bento2014#Oct14♥Hello Kitty Witch♥

Today's post cute Halloween bento creation because yesterday post was too creepy :p And this bento brings back my darling girl happy face ^_^ After all, Hello Kitty has won her heart!!! I made Hello Kitty as a witch not scary but cute one and she seems to look for her broom :D
Here's the close up of my Hello Kitty Witch. I shape two onigiri, one for the head & the other one as body then put inari on top (spread mayo to stick) Arrange both ornigiri then follow by hair (organic bamboo charcoal ramen, refer yesterday post for picture or click HERE). Add pea sprout at the top & bottom to filled up the holes. Lastly, add nori for details and the bats, I used bat puncher to punch out.
For side dishes contains chicken seaweed, samosa yam, tamagoyaki and mini grapes. Opps....forgot the broom!! The broom made from rice, nori & inari.

I hope you like today's post! I'll make two more Halloween creations then countdown for my bento break next week :D Happy Tuesday ^_^


  1. I really love her hair...awesome post!

    1. Thank you very much Ariani ^_^ So happy that you love it!


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