Thursday, 16 October 2014

Bento2014#Oct16~Halloween Pumpkin

My final halloween creations for this year ^_^ Actually I'm making Hello Kitty to disguise as a pumpkin but can't be tell if I don't mention it right? Haha.... I was puzzle on adding the whisker, it makes me remove & add back few times =_=" (Yes, so undecided) So finally decided to add the whisker, as well add the ribbon pick to showed it's Hello Kitty Pumpkin :D But still looking weirdo....sigh....
Here's the close up Pumpkin that made of rice mix with mashed carrot. I shaped into pumpkin and after done spread some ketchup on top for extra touch. Underneath contain rice and I add inari to cover the rice. Punch out nori skull & bats (using puncher) The stem made from broccoli stem ^_^
For side dishes contain ginger drumette (using airfryer), broccoli and watermelon Hello Kitty (using cookie cutter to cut out).

Woohoo.....count down towards my bento break next week instead of halloween celebration. Lol but I did enjoyed making them and hope you like & enjoy reading my Halloween theme bento ^_^ 


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