Thursday, 9 October 2014

Bento2014#Oct09~Hello Kitty dressup as Totoro

Last night did Hello Kitty needle felted character (only the head) to match my today's bento theme. I dressed up Hello Kitty as Totoro character ^_^ Nowadays my daughter requested not too much of dishes or a lot for her lunchbox. Most of her friends taking school meal sets and the school separated sitting area for homecooked students. So she prefers to quickly finished her foods then join with her friends :) I asked her whether she wants to take school meal sets instead of homecooked? I felt blessed to hear words from her that she still wants cute bento for her lunchbox in school. Wait for few more years I think can pack her normal bento (non kyaraben) same as my son bento. I actually still prefer let my kids bring homecooked food course the school meal set price was quite costly for a month. 
Here's the close up Hello Kitty in Totoro costume ^_^ As usual, mix the rice with black sesame powder for Totoro and boiled egg (white) for body. All nori details I spread some mayonnaise to stick on. The Hello Kitty nose made from eggsheet (used up my balance eggsheet).

For side dishes contain ginger chicken stew, sauce at the small container and some sweet pea ^_^

I hope you like my today's dressed up Hello Kitty. Happy Thursday!


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