Thursday, 19 September 2013

Bento#Sept19~Hello Kitty as Chang-Er

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!! 中秋节快乐!!! Since that last year I did Chang-Er so this year I dressed up Hello Kitty as Chang-Er for today's theme bento ^_^ Do you like it? daughter sure loves it whenever she saw Hello Kitty theme :) I hope you won't get bored :p
To made Chang-Er: Shape the rice as onigiri and add nori for hair. The top curl hair I did a similar bento before at HERE. To made the top curl hair, just roll two long rice wrap with nori then bend it as "U" shape. This time I add too much rice so didn't turn out what I wanted.....well, I'm sorry that I don't have the time to do the tutorial due to my bento was done in early morning and all I do was racing with the time =_=".  I hope you can get the idea of making it!

To made Chang-Er body: Rice mixed with Mizhan Pink Sushi mix (found that I still have one more new pack!!) Just shape as a dress and add one small round onigiri for Kitty-chan hand :) Freehand nori cut and add to the hand for better result.

White rabbit: Made of oval shape fishball, I add two ears and punch out nori for rabbit face.

For hair accessories: carrot, cheese and fondants. As for long hair also nori and cheese.
At the bottom of Chang-Er was minced sweet pork and stir-fried french beans with mushroom as well carrots. Prepared some fruits at another small food container. So here is my Hello Kitty as Chang-Er Bento lunch. I do hope you find it CUTE and if you like it can always share it ^_^ Once again I wish those who are celebrating this festival "Happy Blessed Mid-Autumn" good health and wealth! Cherish one another every moment with your loved ones ^_^ Hugs!


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    1. Thank you so much Jean ^_^ Happy that you love it!

  2. Happy Mid Autumn Festival! what a beautiful Chang-Er you've made!

  3. Saw this on Instagram but had to drop by to say how much I love this. Work of art! :)
    - Winnie

    1. Thanks Winnie for drop by and love this Chang-Er Bento ^_^


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