Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Bento#Aug13~Hello Kitty Qixi Festival

<3 Hello Kitty Qixi Festival <3
Hello everyone ^_^ Did you all miss me or my bento? I really missed bento-ing so today specially made bento for "Happy Chinese Valentine's Day" or "Qixi Festival七夕情人节" theme. My kids summer school holidays still on and they will be back to school on early September. In the meantime, I'll make lunch/dinner bento for my girl :) As you can see in this bento box.....all belongs to her favourite character~Hello Kitty~
A closer look of the lovely Hello Kitty kyaraben ^_^ Just made two rice balls and wrap with nori for hair. Freehand cut out the details and do you notice why I add Kitty-chan bottom lashes? The reason I add bottom lashes because I saw it from the Kitty-chan pictures or poster in Osaka. Kawaii right? Hehe....I told my hubby when I'm back bento-ing will add bottom lashes for my kitty-chan ^_^ *wink* 
Side view of the Hello Kitty Qixi Festival Bento :p This is also my new bento box bought in Osaka! Hmm....all using new bento tools!!! Too many nice bento stuffs in Osaka compare to my last year Japan trip in Tokyo ^_^ 
I hope you will like today's bento and will try to update my visit to Bento & Co Kyoto trip. Give me some time to sort out the hundreds of pictures I've took :p 



  1. I love the pretty hair!! nice

    happy qixi too!

  2. That's so cute! I love the eyelashes! ;) How did you twist the Nori though?

    1. Thank you ^^ First I put small amount of rice to the cling wrap and make a long strips then roll out the shape. After you roll out the long strip may add the nori to wrap. Made two long strips then curl a "U" shape then secure with spaghetti strip. Hope you get the idea :p


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