Wednesday, 14 August 2013

「6種常備食材X媽媽愛的佳餚!」Hippomum's recipe~Spanish Tortilla (pg.20) with My Melody

『6種常備食材x媽媽愛的佳餚』 Spanish Tortilla西班牙烘蛋 Pg.20
Finally I have the time to try out Hippomum's new recipe book ^_^ I've bought through online website as I can't wait for our local bookstore also afraid out of pay extra to get her new released 2nd recipes book!! And surprisingly the book arrived after 2 weeks of online ordered ^_^ So why took me so long to try out? Well.....I like to show you the steps by steps of what I've done by following Hippomum's recipe. To do this need "TIME" to taking pictures etc.....
Before I start to continue writing....let me showed you Hippomum's new book!! If you can understand Chinese, I highly recommend to have a copy at home :) Simple ingredients and easy steps to learn! 
Okay! Today as usual I'm cooking dinner for my family so I looked through the pages and decided to try out the "Spanish Tortilla西班牙烘蛋" I didn't follow all the ingredients from the book but quite similar and I add extra such as taiwanese sausage, broccoli, yellow cherry tomato for it :p Looks yummy right? Just nice to accompany with a bowl of rice! Hehe..... so let me show you the simple steps below......
Stir-fried all the ingredients! Well, I don't have the capsicum so I replaced broccoli and carrots :)
 Beat the eggs and pour the 1st picture ingredients into the bowl and mixed well :)
Next, pour to the bakeware and add cherry tomato on top plus cheese powder. 
Baked for 20-25 minutes at 200°C or till golden brown. Is best to check them as different oven will be different function.
Ta-da.....after cut into cube!! Well, I didn't check the oven and let it the cheese top part slightly darker brown :( I was cooking other dishes so miss out checking them....*sigh* The picture above I arranged the darker part bottom :p
  To match with Hippomum's Spanish Tortilla, I made a simple My Melody kyaraben ^_^ 
A closer look of the My Melody Kyaraben! Before making the kyaraben, I add rice into the cup and arranged the vegies, carrots, straw mushrooms and lastly rice again. Fried pork chop with breadcrumbs arranged on top of the rice and lastly add the My Melody using rice mold to mold it. Add cucumber leaves next to it for better results! 
  Well, I hope you will enjoy reading it and like My Melody kyaraben as well as Hippomum's recipes ^_^ Don't forget to check out her wonderful page from Facebook or her blogs! Click this LINK for the 「6 種常備食材╳媽媽愛的佳餚!」
purchase order online! Cheers!


  1. mmm, delicious Spanish Tortilla!! and nice Melody too :)

  2. I love your My Melody kyaraben and the tortilla looks so delicious!

  3. That's really cute! Did you use food coloring for the pink rice?

    1. I used the Mizkan Colourful Osushi Pink. Click the links for the picture of the Mizkan packet :

    2. Oh ok! Mmm, will have to find something like it here. Looks yummy! :)


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