Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Bento#Jan10~Elmo again ^_^

Opps.....I make Elmo again ^_^ Today at my office, I saw my brother's son watching Sesame Street from Ipad and he loves "ELMO" character :D So today after my dinner, time to make bento snack... I took out this cream cupcake from the packets and my mind pop out Elmo singing the la la...elmo song etc....oh well, making ELMO bento for my girl and when she saw it asked me: Mummy, why ELMO again?? Then I answer: Opps...then this bento give kor kor (brother) ok? She replied: No!!! Kor kor doesn't like cute bento! I'll eat :) 
One of the Elmo mouth, I used scissor that already with design just cut the nori as mouth shape then stick to the cream cupcake. The white eyeballs used round shape cutter cut from the bread then stick the nori onto it and stick to cupcake :) Elmo nose used cooked carrot and used cutter to cut too! 
Well, the ELMO mouth freehand cut the nori and stick to the cream cupcake :) The rest of the step similar from the 1st ELMO.
Honey cherry tomato and prunes. I add "ELMO" letter picks!
 Edamame, cheese and bread for the musical note picks. Hope you will this simple ELMO bento!
This is not for my kids bento. I just want to share this photo that is our after meal dessert :p I bought these lovely jelly from wet market. Different colours with different flavours :) All taste so yummy that my kids requested must buy more next time! Cheers!


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