Thursday, 10 January 2013

Bento#Jan11~Panda & Chick Onigiri

Today I'm making "PANDA" onigiri for my girl. I bought some bento books and seldom read so last night while reading one of the bento book by akinoichigo. This cute little panda looks pretty easy so I'm going to try out ^_^
First, make a round onigiri then add nori with half length. I always used plastic foil to avoid the rice stick my hand. And is much better to control the rice for shaping any design you want. Panda head also same method. Before attach the head to the big onigiri, cut two small nori ears for panda then stick to the body. Next add the head on top. Finished with all the panda features then add the carrots as cheeks.
Cooked some spinach and stir-fried spring onion chicken for the side dishes. While waiting the dish cooked, I make the onigiri :p Have to make sure I can prepared two bentos with photo taking before times up! Rush rush.....gambateh!
Last step just add some panda picks and insect picks! Done! I'm sure some of you can do better than me as I don't have extra time....always in a rush early morning =_="
I make another chick onigiri for my son as this one just two circle, one big & one small. Add the nori eyes then carrots for the mouth and head.
Cut few slices of apple for him then add in the chicken and vegi with some chick and ducks picks. Done! But only can manage to capture few pictures as most of the picture blur :( Luckily these two photos can view :) 

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