Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Bento2014#Sep30~Sardin Puff & Sushi Roll

Simple & less foods for every Tuesday lunch. So I baked some puff for family breakfast and packed some for their school bento lunch. I add sardin fillings for the puff. While waiting for the puff to baked in the oven, I made simple sushi roll too so that easy for her to grab & bite ^_^
Here is the close up sardin puff that I add some decoration to made a bear ^_^ Simple and quick by adding the cheese and nori for the details. Lastly add the pick bow pick since my daughter will prefer it female bear :D 
To made the sardin puff, I use ready frozen pie crust (I left it defrost at fridge and remove it this morning for making) Run out of tuna so I use sardin instead for the fillings. I also add fresh button mushroom (cut into slices) to combine with the sardin. Wrap all the fillings into ball shape then add the ears. Before bring it to the oven, coat some egg wash om top and baked it until golden brown ^_^
For sides dishes just add some Japanese sweet potato, sushi roll, sauce and kiwi fruit.

I hope you like today's sharing :) Have a blessed Tuesday!

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  1. Pretty,You are so creative!!
    I love the sardin puff and the cute kiwi ^^


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