Monday, 29 September 2014

Bento2014#Sep29~Panda Sushi

Yawn....every Monday seem hard to wake up early morning =_=" Feel like my dark circle around my eyes getting darker!! Been catching up Korean Drama today making Panda Sushi for my Monday blues...

I rolled some Panda makisushi but the mouth look not successful. I use panda sushi kit set to made this panda and I still find it hard to use or may be I need to practice :D Oh well....perhaps next round I will made another panda without using the sushi kit set (making excuses!!!) But I'm sure some of you who have this same set will do better than me!! Round of applause to you! Clap clap...
I add the panda sushi into this lunch box from Casa Bento. Space limit as well so I add two panda sushi only. To made the panda eyes & nose. I mix the rice with black sesame powder. For side dishes, I add panda chicken, yam samosa, edamame, prawn & sushi sauce at panda container.
I pack some oranges slices at another small container for her dessert (didn't take together in this photo)

Bon appetit! Hope you like today's Panda Sushi lunchbox. At the bottom post can view the Panda Makisushi Tools Kit I've used for today's bento. Happy Monday!

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  1. Hehee,me too..Monday blue..yawn non stop^^Ur bento cheer me up!! Love the Panda Sushi ^^is so cute to me.

    1. haha....I'm happy that my bento cheer you up ^_^ Thanks dear 婉婉 for ur lovely words!

  2. It's very cute! Nowadays quite interested with making makisushi, maybe I should buy this kit too!


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