Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Bento2014#July09~Sanrio Cherinacherine

While browsing all Sanrio characters spotted this cute Cherina Cherine character. Suppose to made two of them but I just made one with the one with ribbon on it ^_^ Due to the bento lunch box I'm using can't made Sanrio Cherina & Cherine :) Anyway, one if enough right?

Here is the close up Cherinacherine. Well I tried to search which one is Cherina & Cherine as one with ribbon and the other one without =_=" End up I just stated Cherinacherine :D 
To made yellow rice, I mix rice with mashed egg yolk. Add nori for details and cheese for the flower ears. Underneath the rice, I add white rice then cover with minced meat. Lastly, let Cherinacherine holds a cherry. Perfect!

Simple dishes: broccoli, chikuwa with okra, fishballs and quail egg.

Not forgetting some cherries, strawberry and mini peaches.

Ta-da....lovely cute character right? Think I started to LOVE this character :) Hope you like it ^_^ Happy Wednesday! 


  1. Very sweet bento, love the details especially the ears!


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