Monday, 19 May 2014

Bento2014#May19~UP Russell Bento

Meet UP movie Russell boy scout ^_^ I wanted to make Carl oldman but when my daughter saw my sketched, she said: I don't want uncle Carl =_=" Oh well....let's change to Russell instead after all she's the one who eats :D

Here is the closer look of cute chubby Russell ^_^ For his face/body, I mix ketchup with rice then shape it using cling wrap. Freehand scissor cut the kombu for Russell's hair and eyebrows. Carrot, eggsheet (yellow & white) for the details. I don't have time to make more colourful badges for Russell :p So I made it simple!

For side dishes, pea sprouts and tempura prawns.

I hope you like today's bento post. Happy Monday!


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