Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Hello Kitty Chicks Dinner Foodart

Today I'm posting my last night dinner foodart for myself :D Haha....why not my daughter?? Because she can't wait to eat the drumettes!!! So she had her dinner plate first while I still shaping, cutting, pasting..... >_<"

Well, simple dinner dishes for my family. Just happen to came out the idea of HK dressed up as chick! Didn't do any sketches but just like that....haha...

  • Hello Kitty   : rice and use Hello Kitty nori puncher for details. Corn for nose
  • Chicks          : mashed egg yolk mix with rice, orange capsicum for mouth
  • Nest              : chicken floss
  • Side dishes   : Marinate chicken drumettes with soy sauce & corn flour then airfry it. 
  • Veggies         : Stir-fry french beans with fresh button mushroom & carrots. 
  • Fruits           : Oranges & kiwi fruits
Bon-appetit! Hope you will enjoy reading my today's post and like it! Thank you so much ^_^

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