Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Bento2014#Feb18~Korilakkuma/Kiiroitori Obento

Today's lunch bento was inspired by an image of a curtains that I saw it from 100 yens shop quite some times ago :p So did a quick sketched last night and this morning instead of making tiny strawberries....end up making apple :D 

Here's a close up look of my Korilakkuma made out of cheese (use toothpick to trim freely) Punch out nori using puncher and add on top of the cheese. Corn and sweet pea for flowers and crabsticks using heart shape mini cutter to cut as apples. Small basket made from sweet pea and I add few apples (crabstick) inside ^_^

Kiiroitori made of quail egg that I use cutter to cut out for the body. For side dishes: tempura prawn, fish fillet, broccoli, sweeat pea & grapes.
*Sorry for the over expose image =_=" 

Opps.....I forgot to add the Korilakkuma furikake packet together for photo takings.....oh well, I do hope you will like my today's lunch bento post and Happy Tuesday to all! Hugs!


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