Monday, 10 June 2013

Bento#June10A~McDelivery Hello Kitty Witch

Yay.....I've collected McDelivery Hello Kitty Witch from my dear friend who worked in Singapore and already stayed there for many years! She was my Elementary Schoolmate and we both stayed in touch via Facebook!! Amazing right? More than 10 years and we both finally meet up!!! Gosh.... anyway, we had a great time chit-chat and wish to have MORE time!!
Normally for bento snack, I will do it in the evening cause morning always in a rush! I'm a working mum so time was very consuming! Sigh....
Well, I add butter roll bun and peanut butter sandwich into the bento box first. Next, I cut out HK face using HK cutter and punch out nori using puncher. As for HK body was freehand penknife cut out crabstick and scissor cut out nori. The broom made of inari and nori. Freehand cut out the witch hat and finished up all the nori details.
McDonald House made of crabstick and I can't add "McDonald" word on top so just freehand using toothpick to trim out the "M" =_=" For the bottom sandwich, freehand penknife cut out the boiled seaweed/kombu for night castle and spread some peanut for the ground based with some lettuce. Lastly, I add some grapes for her desserts ^_^ I hope you will like this bento snack! Cheers!
Here is the McDelivery Hello KittyWitch ^_^


  1. your wicth HK looks so cute too! :)

  2. So cute! Love the details. I wish I had the McDelivery witch too, haven't collected it yet.

    1. Aww...thank you so much Jean :) Hope you have collected urs!


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