Monday, 10 June 2013

Bento#June10~Mama Monkey & Baby Monkey

Today's lunch I cooked spaghetti with mushroom tomato paste. My kids seem to prefer tomato paste compare to creamy mushroom. So for today's theme, I made Mama Monkey & Baby Monkey put inside inari skin ^_^
Both monkey made from mashed sweet potato and I used cutter to cut out the ham for mouth and ears. I also cut out two long tails for Mama Monkey grabs Baby Monkey tail :)
Cut out checker apple and flower ham for another sides. A packet of furikake that my daughter liked to add for her lunch :p Some broccoli and cute picks! I hope you will like today's theme bento. I find that I should add more green colours! But don't think my daughter have the time to finished her lunch bento =_=" 

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