Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Bento#June11~Mushroom Onigiri

Today's lunch bento "Mushroom Onigiri" ^_^ Most of my bento Hello Kitty as I know my girl won't get bored! Haha....so this mushroom onigiri was actually in my "To Do-lists" and finally here I attempt to made :D
To made mushroom onigiri, I mixed the rice with some furikake for top part and shape them with cling wrap. Made two small onigiri and combine with the top part together using cling wrap (avoid sticky) Next, I used face cutter to cut out kombu/boiled seaweed for the smiley face mushroom ^_^ Decorate some crabstcik on top using small circle cutter or you can used straw :) 
I cooked some meat with dark sweet sauce and filled inside the bento box then slowly decorate the rest as a garden theme to match "Mushroom Onigiri" :) The yellow sun made from quail egg yolk and I add sweet corn around it. Some oranges and sweet corn at the side compartment. I hope you will like this bento lunch ^_^ Cheers!


  1. again, very cute! Chopsticks also cute!

    1. hehe....thanks Shirley! You're always so sweet :) Chopstick got it from 100yens shop. I've a pair of froggy chopsticks too!


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