Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Bento#April03~Kiiroitori Sushi Bento

I always admired other bloggers or those wonderful mummy/daddy who can make pretty sushi ^_^ I'm not good at making sushi but I think this Kiiroitori Sushi looks simple to made! I saw it from Bento, Monsters Blog so today's lunch for my girl will be Kiiroitori Sushi Bento ^_^ As for my son....same sushi but no details =_=" 
Hmm....I didn't used mashed egg yolk to mixed the rice (So regret!!!!) Due to my yellow food sprinkle still have leftover so I thought of don't waste and add to the rice :( Sigh.....didn't turn out yellowish =_=" Think I still need to practice rolling the sushi :p To add  Kiiroitori details, I just used puncher to punch out nori for feet, eyes, fur and nose. Freehand cut the nori strips.
Some broccoli, sweet potato, ham as flower, tamagoyaki and sauce. I hope you will like my first attempt making Kiiroitori Sushi Bento ^_^ Cheers!


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    1. Thank you Shiotadesu ^_^ You have cute Rilakkuma profile picture!! Nice!


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