Tuesday, 2 April 2013


I'm making another Japanese animated fantasy film PONYO 崖の上のポニョ
This is also one of my kids favourite! I can't make the tiny little swimmer face details so looked a bit scary and ugly :p Well, Ponyo is my main character theme bento....as long as she looks real will do ^_^ I hope you will like Ponyo too! 
 To made Ponyo, I used two different type of cheese for Ponyo hair and face. Same method trace out Ponyo picture on baking sheet and trim out then put on top of the cheese. I used toothpick to trim out the cheese then finished with freehand nori scissor cut. Underneath Ponyo was peanut butter sandwich. To fit nicely, just used the bento box to cut out the bread before spreading any jams. The closed up tiny swimmers....hmmm....too tiny until I can't trim out =_="
Some grapes, cherry tomato, a box of raisin and cupcake ^_^ I hope you will like this bento snack! Cheers!


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