Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Bento#April03A~CuteZcute Piggy Sandwiches

I've made CuteZcute Panda and Kitty so today I want to use CuteZcute Piggy cutter to made sandwiches for my girl ^_^ Also adding pretty hats sponsored by Bento Berries :)
I cut out piggy ham and piggy bread then replaced the alternate foods to bring out the look of the piggy ^_^ Instead of using ham as eyes, I add extra nori on top of the ham and freehand cut out eyelashes for pretty piggy :) Arranged the pink hat at the side of the piggy!
Whatever food after cut out can always repeat the same methods and you can get different coloured of same designed! So don't have to worried what to do with it. So for piggy ham, I add cheese in between with bread underneath. Freehand cut out nori eyelashes and arranged purple hat at the side.
Here are the tools that I've used for CuteZcute Piggy sandwiches ^_^
Some grapes and honey cherry tomato at the food cup. Also add some marshmallow and lettuce! I hope you will like this simple CuteZcute Piggy Sandwiches ^_^ Cheers! 

What I've used:


  1. This is absolutely the CUTEST CuteZcute bento EVER!! The details are exquisite!

  2. Thank you so much Rebecca!! Blushed o∩_∩o


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