Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Bento#Jan25~Red Riding Hood & Wolf

Today after send kids to school will go wet market before headed to my office. These is what have in my fridge =_=" So what theme should I make for these two man-tou? Well, let's do "Red Riding Hood & Wolf" ^_^
Used two different round shape cutter to cut the cooked chicken ham. Cut small round cheese for riding hood face and cut all the details for the nori. I just freehand cut the nori and perhaps still warm so the cheese melted and stick together with the ham after I've done all the details. Punched out the ribbon from puncher and add little bit of pink crushed fondant :)
Gosh......I didn't look for any design of the wolf so just freehand draw to the baking sheet and take scissor cut nori out the wolf then stick to the cheese. Used toothpick to draw out :p Apple skin for wolf eyes and add nori for the eyeball. While I'm busy making, my son gave me an idea to add the paws. So, I quickly freehand cut out the nori without drawing >_< Due to lack of time.....this is the best I can do! Hahaha....Not fierce enough but still can passed right? 
Ta-da.....my "Red Riding Hood & Wolf" theme bento for today's lunch. Kids know man-tou will slightly like rubber when chew by the time they have their lunch but they still like it! Phew...
 This "6A.M. Clock" bento for my son. That's my wake up time every morning to make their bentos but running out of time so can't do much! 
Hope you all will have a wonderful day! Hugs!


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