Thursday, 1 November 2012

Bento#Nov02~Angels Loved Heart

This afternoon attended "All Saint's Day" mass. So it gave me an idea of making ANGELS for my kids bento :) So I bought some mini buns and put angel on top of it. How to make angels?? I used small round shape cutter and squid/ghost cutter (Refer the picture below) cut cheese. The round shape cheese will be the angel face, so just cut nori for the face/hair. Next used the squid/ghost shape cutter for the angels long robes, to make it nicer just crushed blue fondant or you prefer to use egg white sheet also can ^^ The hands, I used hands cutter and holds red heart fondant ^_^ Lastly, use wing food picks for angels wings. Finished with some mochi, cherry tomato and some grapes with musical notes picks!!

Pretty lovely angels with loving heart
Here are the cutter I used to make angels and wear halos.

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