Friday, 29 April 2016


25.04.16 (Monday)

Panda Sushi
Ooh....little disappointed on my panda sushi while arranged and rolled :( Sadly that panda mouth didn't turned out well in placed so I cheated by added nori as well the panda eyes :D I tried out using panda sushi mould to shaped the sushi and looks like I failed.....oh well, no time to redo so just did a quick snapped of photos.
Pan-fried slamon and spinach for side dishes.

26.04.16 (Tuesday)

12th Birthday Girl Bento
 Yeay! It's my darling daughter 12th years old birthday on 26th April 2016 ^_^ I made a birthday girl blows the birthday cake candles! I shaped the girl face and hands by mixing the rice with some ketchup for orange touched. Add on the nori for the detailed. Placed the head onto the lunch box and filled up broccoli for dress. Covered up the rest with rice and I  continued arranged the fish tofu as birthday cake. The candles made of toasted spaghetti and the yellow part of the fish tofu as lights. 
Prawn gyoza and quail eggs at another small container.

27.04.16 (Wednesday)

Sanrio Tuxedo Sam
 Simple designed for this Sanrio character ~ Tuxedo Sam ~ This round I didn't mixed the rice with blue pea flower extract first but just add on the juice using the flowers to dap on top of the rice for the blue touched. Leave the white part for Tuxedosam. Cheese for mouth and nori for eyes. The sailor hat made of fishball and nori. 
Stir-fried okra, pan-fried chicken nuggets, samosa yams and some grapes.

28.04.16 (Thursday)

Disney Marie
 While looking at my cutters and spotted this Disney Marie cat that I don't think I've created before so here it was my first attempt of Marie Bento ^_^ It was pretty easy by using the cookie cutter as outline and I just filled up the rice and add-on the nori detailed. Freehand scissor cut out the nori detailed as I'm lazy to penknive traced out by drawing on the baking paper :p 
Stir-fried potatoes, carrots and meat, spinach, red cabbage and sweet pea for side dishes.


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