Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Bento#June05~Kimono Girl Kyaraben

 Today's lunch I'm making Kimono Girl Kyarben ^_^ Inspired by Little Miss Onigiri blog. Do check out her beautiful Kimono Girl & Giveaway if you like to win Kokeshi 2-tier Bento Box! 
Shape Kimono Girl with cling wrap. For body white rice mixed with Sakura denbu. Decorate the Kimono dress with cheese and crabstick. As for the face, I used puncher to punch out the eyes and lips. I actually add a heart shape mouth for the girl but looks a bit.....hmm...well I changed it. 
Here is the photo with the heart shape lips. While taking pictures, I find it not so adorable so changed to normal smile lips! What do you think?
 For side dishes, I add tamagoyaki, meat patty, crabroll, kamaboko and sweet pea. I hope you will like today's lunch ^_^ Cheers!


  1. both oso nice, one is mummy one is little girl....:)

  2. cute kimono girl! both versions are nice. though the heart shaped mouth one look a bit "elderly". lol.

    you made the waist band so pretty!

  3. I absolutely love the kimono girl. She is so pretty!

  4. So sweet and pretty! I love the colors and composition in this lunch!

  5. I think both bento are really cute!!! :) I love the details on the kimono too :) thanks for sharing my bento and giveaway link too. <3


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