Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Bento#June05A~Hello Kitty Bread Snack

Today's snack I thought of making quick easy bento by using my new Hello Kitty cookies cutters! So I asked my girl to helped out and she picked this flower shape cutter for her snack bento. Recently her school break time adjusted and she complained not enough time to finished her snack if I packed too much. In the other hand, she said not full because the food so little if packed less =_="Oh dear.....what should mummy do?
A closer view of the cute Hello Kitty Flower shape bread with peanut butter fillings. Looks like her bento snack can let her do on her own ^_^ After done all three breads, I wanted to showed her how to put into the bento box but then off she go cause of her favourite shows started. Gosh....
Here is my new Hello Kitty cutters that I bought from Singapore. Don't you think all of them are so cute ^_^
This bento snack can made less than 5 minutes ^_^ I hope you will like this quick and easy bento snack! Cheers!    

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