Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Bento2015#Nov04~Summer Girl Bento

Yay! Finally I bought my dear talented friend +Ming Bentomonsters as known as BentoMonsters "Yummy Kawaii Bento" book at Kinokuniya Liang Court Singapore. Please do call up the bookstore to check out whether in stock ^_^  Other than Kinokuniya, you may try out Popular or Amazon for oversea.

Okay, back to the books, I flipped through every pages and all bentos really attractive with details tutorial pictures! She's awesome! Do check out and I recommend for those beginner must grab a copy :D
Well, I choose this "Summer Girl" since my daughter prefers girly bento ^_^ 

~ The yellow hair make from egg sheet but I make it too thick so it will breaks when I try to make flower =_="
~ Orange face and hands make from rice mix with some ketchup and shape into balls.
~ Face features make from nori and I add extra touch for the girl eyes (opps.... I can't help it whenever I trim the eyes) Honestly, I almost add on eyelashes :D
~ Red cheeks make from crab stick (red part)
As for side dishes have broccoli, carrots, pan-fried minced meat patties coated with breadcrumbs and grapes.

Lastly, I've shared this picture at my Instagram account. Ain't the book look super awesome! 

I hope you like today's Summer Girl Bento :D 

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  1. Very cute and nicely made! Love the details on the eyes!


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