Thursday, 17 September 2015

Bento2015#Sep17~Sanrio Inarizushi

Let's make some Sanrio Inarizushi ^_^ I think this is my first attempt making three different Sanrio characters :p So which one you like the most among all three Sanrio? Honestly, I find My Melody face too small! Don't you think? Haha....

Here's the close up for Pom Pom Purin Inarizushi. Yellow rice make of hard boiled egg yolk mix with rice. Nori for the details and shimeji (top) for hat and I secure with toasted spaghetti.

Here's the close up for My Melody Inarizushi :) To make pink rice, I mix the rice with sakura denbu. The white face is make of fish ball and the red bow is crabstick.

Who's next? Of course is Hello Kitty ^_^ I know my daughter will tell me she likes Kitty-chan the most after she see her bento! If among all three Sanrio character I miss out Hello Kitty.... she will ask me why? Haha.... 
To make Hello Kitty is pretty easy, I just shape the rice and add two ears then finish up with nori details. Egg yolk for nose.

Since I'm using Monbento lunch box, I just fill up the extra space with some sausages, sweet peas, fishball (balance), lettuce and oranges.

I hope you like this simple Sanrio Inarizushi design ^_^ Have a great day!


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