Monday, 14 September 2015

Bento2015#Sep14~Bunny Sleeping Bento

Sshh..... little bunny still sound asleep ^_^ I think I'm the one who wish to be like bunny can sleep longer whenever is back to school day after weekend :D Well no worries.... coming Wednesday I can have a day break since is a Public Holiday for Malaysia Day! Yay!

So let's get back to my bunny bento. Is pretty simple and easy to make that I'm sure you can do it.

A closer look of the bunny bento. First, I shape the bunny head/ears/legs then leave a side. Second, I arrange some rice for the blanket, press firmly using cling wrap then cover up with inari. Third, I arrange the bunny head onigiri first follow by the ears (*Note: I didn't secure the ears with spaghetti since I'm putting broccoli). Next, I arrange the arms and finish up with the face feature nori (freehand scissor cut). The red part is make of crabstick. 

As for side dishes have pan-fried fish fillets, crabroll, carrots, quail egg and some grapes.

I am sorry for the over exposed photo editing due to most of the taken photos were not bright in the morning =_=" 

I hope you like my bunny bento sharing :) Have a great day!

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