Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Bento2015#Sep09~Line Brown Bento

It's been quite some time I didn't make LINE emoticons :p Among "Brown", "Cony"& "Moon" I prefer to make BROWN.  What about you? Which character that you prefer the most? I marinated the chicken drummets overnight so that I can cook it next morning. All about "Brown" colour theme for my girl bento ^_^

A closer look of my Line Brown character. To make it brown, I add some sweet dark soy sauce into the rice and mix it. Next I use cling wrap to shape the head/body/ears. As for the white rice also press it until thinly to join with the brown head. Lastly, punch out some nori details and add-on. To avoid Brown body parts will loosen by the time reach school break, simply secure it with spaghetti.

As for smaller Brown is make of quail egg. After peel away the shell, rub against palm to make it round shape for Brown face. Slightly trim away the middle part to make it white circle. Just add-on the nori details and you got your smaller Brown as a plushy :D

For side dishes have honey with soy sauce chicken drummets, pea sprouts. 

I hope you like this simple Line Brown Bento. Have a lovely day!

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