Thursday, 3 September 2015

Bento2015#Sep03~Pusheen The Cat

So long didn't make Pusheen Bento ^_^ This round I make two different sizes and I got the ideas from Pusheen Google images! Haha.... 
I make one big Pusheen eating pizza and the one snuggle inari blanket.
To make Pusheen the cat black, I add little bit of charcoal powder mix with rice then shape it firmly using cling wrap. Next add on the nori details. Baby Pusheen make it smaller and hiding inside the inari pouch. I also punch out nori kitties and put on top of inari pouch ^_^
As for mini pizza make of egg sheet and the red dots are crabstick.
For side dishes have spring rolls, broccoli and shemeji mushroom.

I hope you like my Pusheen Bento. Have a nice day ahead!

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  1. So fun! Love the nori details on the blanket!


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