Friday, 28 August 2015

Homebaked Panda Deco Steamed Pao & Hello Kitty Mantou

I made these cute panda steamed pao yesterday ^_^ Inspired by dear talented "婉婉午茶" or "wanwantea" blogs that she made super cute "Panda Steamed buns with Black Sesame Fillings" and many more yummy creations. She updated her tutorial very details and I just follow it but please note that the blog is in Chinese. Click HERE to visit her "Panda Steamed Buns" Anyway, I followed her tutorial but still have balance dough :p Opps....not sure where went wrong so I just created the balance dough into mantou :D 
Here's the close up "Panda Steamed Pao with red bean fillings" I didn't followed Wanwantea black sesame fillings as I still have leftover red bean fillings at my fridge. So I just replaced the pao with red beans. To make black colour, I mix the original dough with charcoal powder and the pink colour just mix the original dough with food gel. 
All together have 6 Panda Steamed Paos with red bean fillings ^_^ I decorate few pandas with ribbons :) Is pretty fun making them and I think getting addicted to make more! Hahaha

Well, I made the balance dough into two mini Hello Kitty mantou and spiral black/pink mantou ^_^

I hope you like today's sharing post and thank you for visiting. Have a lovely Friday!  


  1. 哇!好可爱的小熊猫,雌熊猫还有个蝴蝶结真好看!!谢谢妳的链接^^

    1. 喔!没关系^^ 我不是烘焙高手,所以会担心是不是我少了步骤。。。呵呵!
      但是, 还是要感谢你的详细的步骤 ^^让我爱上做可爱的包子!

  2. Very cute! I would like to try making too, never have much success making steamed pao for some reason.


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