Monday, 24 August 2015

Bento2015#Aug24~Back to school Hello Kitty

Hooray! Kids finally back to school after long breaks and I'm back to bento routine. Yawn! What's for lunch? Hello kitty bento using thermos lunch box since is my daughter's favourtie ^_^ 

A closer look of my mini Hello Kitty size that I used cling wrap to shape the head. Underneath just plain rice with meat floss and put Hello Kitty on top. To make pink rice simply mix with sakura denbu and punch out nori for the details. I also added Hello Kitty flakes and I'm happy that our local Aeon Malls selling the few different types of Hello Kitty furikake with mini flakes! Hopefully this good news will remain or else I need to go Singapore to restock =_="

For side dishes have quail eggs and how to shape into Hello Kitty? Simply do it while still hot but be careful :) I even cut out the cucumber using Hello Kitty cookie mould.

At another container I add pandan chicken wraps and milk cabbage奶白菜 

I hope this Hello Kitty Bento will brighten up your day!


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