Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Bento2015#May12~Baymax Quail Eggs

Oh how I wish that the time can move a bit slower =_=" Seem that many things cannot be done within 24 hours! Oh well, perhaps each time when I arrive home after work..... it's like continue working as a mother job. Everyday repeating the same routine except not cooking during the weekends. Phew!

Today's lunch I make it simple. All I can think is cute Baymax ^_^
My girl requested to eat Udon noodles so I stir-fried with some fish balls and sausage. After boiled the quail eggs, just roll into round shape to make Baymax head. Add nori for the details and I add red heart pick on top ^_^  Along the side, I add baby carrots and cucumber leaf. Some grapes at separate small container.

I hope you like today's sharing.

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