Monday, 25 May 2015

Bento2015#May25~Jiji Bento

Finally I'm back after more than two weeks bento break. Not school holidays but both of my kids not feeling well and my son already discharged from hospital last Thursday. Thank GOD that everything back to normal, I loved to hear the noise and laughter at home because it's been too long didn't hear it :(

I'm using Kiki Delivery Service bento box (bought it during my Japan trips) so thought of making Jiji for today's bento ^_^ This time I make it simple by just adding the minced pork to become Jiji. 

First, add the rice onto the bento box then use cling wrap to press out the shape of Jiji in the middle so that can fill up with minced pork. Next, add the rice eyeballs and nori details. Crabstick for big red bow and white part for Jiji ears. 

Some broccoli and grapes for side dishes. Can you spot my tiny fish furikake? Hehehe..... I just remove some fishes out from a packet of furikake. Have a lovely day! Stay healthy ^_^

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